Leggo Poker Acquired By Ivey Poker To Launch-“Ivey League”

Leggo Poker acquired by Ivey Poker to launch-“Ivey League”
Leggo Poker acquired by Ivey Poker to launch-“Ivey  League”

On Feb 6, 2013, Ivey Poker acquired Leggo Poker with an intention of starting Ivey League.   Phil has announced acquisition of Leggo Poker is to introduce a learning community based website focused to teach poker. Ivey league will be a subscription based poker learning site which will have poker learning instructional videos and content coming directly form expert poker professionals. This league is will be useful for all levels of poker player, so will cater not only the beginners but also Poker experts.

Leggo Poker is very reputed and a well-known site, an addition to Ivey League is considered as an effective tool to enhance one’s poker skill by detailed and individualized instructions. Leggo Poker has highly skilled members like Dan Smith, Aaron Jones and Andrew Lichtenberger, which makes is the best poker teaching site in the market. A great blend of poker learning video with the world best poker professionals as instructor will make this site a fantastic tool to learn poker at real high level.

Phil added this league will be a great learning with a complete entertainment as well. Phil Ivey was confident to inform that Ivey League will be one stop and will be an effective and efficient site for poker learners. He also mentioned that the next best and logical step for poker learner will be to play “free to play poker” and “mobile poker game” which will be next launch by Ivey League.