Thomas Finneran Wins UKIPT Cork Main Event

Thomas Finneran wins UKIPT Cork Main event
Thomas Finneran wins UKIPT Cork Main event

Thomas Finneran emerged victorious in the PokerStars UKIPT Cork Main Event that concluded here today. The Poker Pro walked away with the UKIPT Cork Title and was richer by €55,440. The final table consisted of Stephen McGrath, Pawel Keller, Fridjon Thordarson, Deborah Worley-Roberts, Alexander Rhys-Davies, Pascal Tongi and Nicholas Newport. But the unusual table lasted less than 7 hours with Finneran prevailing over all.

Nicholas was the first to exit from the final table and Finneran was responsible for the same. Tongi was the next to go and had a fall from high after he lost two major hands back to back; first to Thordarson and the final hand that eliminated him to Finneran. Thordarson was responsible for the next exit of Rhys-Davies who finished sixth.

The only female contender was next to go as Deborah headed to the rail after Keller opened from the button and got a straight on the turn as against Deborah’s two pairs. With the blinds at 15000/30000, Finneran saw his chances and sent Thordarson packing.

3 way actions lasted only one level with Keller exiting to McGrath in a pre-flop battle. Keller pushed a majority of his stack in with Ad 7d but the big slick of spades of his dominator were too big for him. The flop was Kh 5h 5c and turn was Jd when Keller pushed all-in. McGrath with high pair called and the river was Js and Keller was shown the door.

From the moment heads-up action started, Finneran seemed to dominate and his aggressive style paid him off soon. Mc Grath finished second with €45,600.

 UKIPT3 Cork Main event Final Table Results
Position Player Name Prize
1 Thomas Finneran €55,440*
2 Stephen McGrath €45,600*
3 Pawel Keller €24,960
4 Fridjon Thordarson €19,360
5 Deborah Worley-Roberts €14,780
6 Alexander Rhys-Davies €10,510
7 Pascal Tongi €7,885
8 Nicholas Newport €5,910