It’s Omaha week At PokerStars

PokerStars launches Omaha week
PokerStars launches Omaha week

PokerStars is celebrating Omaha Week from 25th-31st March 2013 where they are giving their poker players to learn, play and win at Omaha. The exclusive Omaha promotions include video tutorials to learn the game, Taster Tourneys where players can register at Omaha tournaments using their FPP’s and can win upto $500.

Omaha Happy hours will also run between 25-31 March for one hour periods at 0400, 1000, 1600 and 2200 Hours where poker players can win 50% more VPP’s and FPP’s. Also hosted on 30th March is a special satellite wherein players can win a seat to the PLO Event of the PokerStars and Monte Carlo Casino EPT Grand Final.

Also introducing for the first time on Pokerstars tables is a new poker game of Five Card Omaha. Here instead of the four cards dealt to each player, each poker player receives five hole cards. Each one has to make a best five card combination by using two and only two of his hole cards and three out of the community cards. There is also a Hi/Lo version of this game available on PokerStars.

Courchevel is another Omaha Hold’em 5 Card game wherein players are dealt five hole cards but the first card of the community opens before the pre-flop betting stage. After pre-flop betting is done, the remaining 2 cards of the flop are dealt. The rest of the game is same as 5 card Omaha. Courchevel is offered in No Limit, Pot Limit, Limit and Hi/Lo versions. 

These new games will only add to the already dominant nature of PokerStars in online poker.