EPT Berlin Main Event: Only 17 Players left, Herold in Lead

HaroldOn the fourth day of the Main Event of European Poker Tour Berlin, German pro Roman Herold emerged as the chip leader and ended his day with a huge stack of almost 4.5 million chips. Herold’s win against Alexander Helbig for a huge 2 million plus chip-pot helped him to climb on the first place

Day four of the EPT Berlin Main Event was full of lightning fast action. Some of the seasoned players like Liv Boeree, Former Tennis Champion Boris Becker and Thomas Hall were amongst others who found themselves leaving the event just after the first level of play. Aku Joentausta, who was in lead from the past two days found himself busted out on level 21. Dashgyn Aliev, who is right behind Herald in chip count, won a 1.6 million pot and eliminated Collin Moffatt and Daniel Reijmer.

The fight for the title has become interesting as all the remaining players are playing at their best. It would be interesting to see that who will outplay all the remaining players and become the Champion!!


Top Ten of Remaining 17 Player.

  1. Roman Herold – 4,485,000
  2. Dashgyn Aliev – 3,931,000
  3. Khiem Nguyen – 2,788,000
  4. Alexander Helbig – 2,040,000
  5. Robert Haigh – 1,659,000
  6. Yasar Guden – 1,619,000
  7. Julian Thomas – 1,400,000
  8. Robert Auer – 1,380,000
  9. Daniel Gai-Pidun – 1,191,000
  10. Roman Korenev – 1,186,000