Fantasy Poker Manager

Fantasy Poker ManagerAll of us are hearing about ‘Fantasy Poker Manager’ these days and I can bet that a lot of people must be wondering what exactly this Fantasy Poker Manager is? So I decided to go ahead and uncover the mystery and bring forward all the facets of it for our readers. To inform you all, this whole Fantasy Poker Manager thing came into existence when Zokay Entertainment, which owns Global Poker Index, has signed a deal with World Series of Poker for the next three years to see that Fantasy Poker Manager will become the official Fantasy Poker for WSOP.

Coming back to our main question, what Fantasy Poker Manager really is? Here is the answer- It is a Facebook based free to play social game which engages its players in fantasy- sport like competition. It provides a platform for its users to compete with other poker fans and professional players from around the world.  Just like fantasy-football, users are provided with a certain budget with which they can pick their players to make a team. If any player who is in the user’s team finishes in the money places in any live tournaments, user receives some points. To be in the lead or to win, all a user needs to do is to accumulate maximum points.

A user can pick his team from the list of Poker professionals. The value of a player is determined by his ranking in the Global Poker Index and his popularity. If a player wins any tournament or championship his value goes up and vice-versa.

Fantasy Poker Manager became very popular within the first two months of its launch. More than 20,000 users are playing it which includes some of the GPI’s Top 300 players. Zokay entertainment is claiming that it will have more than 100,000 users before this summer.

This wonderfully designed Facebook Application allows its users to make their own leagues and invite their friends too. Here they can compete with other teams as well as can have fun with their friends in one on one competitions. One of the world famous poker pro Marvin Rettenmaier called this app exciting and predicted great future for it.

So what are you waiting for, go online right now check out this application on Facebook and make your own team. This Application will give you a feeling of playing Live Tournament with the comfort of sitting in your own home.