GPI: Top Ten of Best 300 Remains Unchanged

Global Poker Index (GPI) releases a list of top 300 poker players from around the world every week. This week there is no change in the top ten players. All the top ten players from the last week are holding their positions comfortably. Its sixth straight week for Marvin Rattenmaier to be on the Marvin boytop of the list.

Joe Hachem , who was the captain of Asia-Pacific team in the Caesars Cup, made it into the top 300 players this week. He is right at the bottom on 300th position. Also Pieter De-Korver, who won his first EPT Berlin Cup earlier this month made it into the top 300 players.


Top Ten in GPI List of best 300.

  1. Marvin Rattenmaier- 3212.95
  2. Michael Watson- 3051.78
  3. Philipp Gruissem- 3002.28
  4. Bertrand Grospellier- 2884.55
  5. Joseph Cheong- 2859.02
  6. Bryn Kenney- 2839.41
  7. David Sands- 2768.55
  8. Ole schemion- 2718.92
  9. Jason Mercier- 2682.86
  10. Michael Mizrachi- 2669.60