Player of The Year 2013, GPI Rankings: Volpe Loses Top Spot to Watson

Michael Watson is now on the top of POY List for 2013.
Michael Watson is now on the top of POY List for 2013.

Paul Volpe, who was topping Player of the Year list 2013 until last week has dropped to number two position and Michael Watson has grabbed the top spot. Volpe was denying the first place to the Canadian for quite some time, but Watson’s very average performance at World Series of Poker Asia Pacific 2013 was good enough to get him the first place.

There are three new players who made into the Top ten. The biggest leap was taken by Philipp Gruissem, who moved from 38th place to the number 6 spot. His success at WSOP APAC 2013 and Caesars Cup increased his score massively. German Pro, Ole Schemion jumped 8 places and now is on 4th position. Bryn Kenney of United States is on tenth spot after being on 16th earlier.

All other players in top ten dropped a place or two except American Daniel Shak, who is still holding his number 3 spot.

 List of top Ten Player of The Year.

          Name                                                      Country                                     Score

  1. Michael Watson(+1)                                   Canada                                       524.77                               
  2. Paul Volpe  (-1)                                           USA                                            501.54
  3. Daniel Shak  (-)                                          USA                                            490.98                                          
  4. Ole Schemion (+8)                                     Germany                                    446.69
  5. Christian Harder (-1)                                  USA                                            410.03
  6. Philipp Gruissem  (+32)                             Germany                                    396.73
  7. Ana Laura Marquez Isteban (-2)                 Spain                                          390.93
  8. Scott Seiver (-2)                                          USA                                            386.91
  9. Yury Gulyy (-2)                                            Russia                                        355.17
  10. Bryn Kenney (+6)                                        USA                                            355.11