Ray Bitar Sentenced: To Surrender all His Assets and to Serve Time

ray bitarThe former CEO of Full Tilt Poker, Raymond Bitar’s plea for a settlement with the Federal court has come to a conclusion yesterday. Bitar appeared via a live video feed from Los Angeles in front of the Federal Judge, Loretta Preska. Judge ordered Bitar to surrender all his assets which include his various houses and a sum of $40 million in cash. He is also sentenced to serve time.

Bitar, who is the main accused for the famous ‘Black Friday’ in the poker world was on a run from past two years. He returned to United States in July last year and was arrested at John. F. Kennedy airport in New York. Bitar’s lawyer John F. Baughman has mentioned his medical condition in the plea which stated that he urgently needs heart transplant. Last week Baughman has given a statement in which he said that he is hopeful that court will keep Mr. Bitar’s medical condition in mind before passing any judgement.

In her order, Judge Preska mentioned that Bitar could have faced more severe judgement if it has not been his poor health condition. She further added that Mr. Bitar needs serious medical attention which The federal Bureau of Prisons will be unable to provide. After the statement, Bitar was in a remorseful state. He apologized for all his actions which were illegal and wrong. He accepted that whatever he did has adversely affect a lot of people and Full Tilt Poker.