2013 Canadian Spring Championship Main Event: Amir Babakhani Emerged as Champion

wpt-canada-spring-championship-sliderLast four days has changed Amir Babakhani from being a lesser known name in poker world to a WPT Champion. On Thursday night when the 2013 World Poker Tour (WPT) Canadian Spring Championship came to a conclusion, it had a new champion in form of Amir Babakhani. The champion received a prize money of $442,248 with a seat in the $25,000 WPT World Championship which will be held in the famous Bellagio in Las Vegas later this month.

The $3,300 CAD main event saw a huge number of players entering the event. The total number of players which took part was 735. During the first three days all big names of the tournament got eliminated and the final six emerged on the final table. Babakhani, who was leading the final table had a huge stack of chips. He was invincible on the third day, as he eliminated a lot of seasoned players. He kept his pace on the final table too and proved himself better than others.

Jonathan Bardier and Martin Leblanc started their day on the final table with aggression. Both of them played outstanding game in the first level. As the game resumed after the first level, Babakhani and Bardier engaged in a hand where the champion busted Bardier. Leblanc followed him shortly after being eliminated by the champion. Elimination of these two players increased the chip counts of Babakhani and as a result the new short chip stack holders were Jason Duval and Tao Liang. Duval eliminated Liang before getting eliminated by the executioner of the tournament, Babakhani. Barry Kruger was left on the table to fight with Babkhani for the title. They battled for more than an hour before Kruger lost his final hand and title to the new Champion.

Rank name of Player Prize Money
1. Amir Babakhani $442,248
2. Barry Kruger $272,555
3. Jason Duval $199,029
4. Tao Liang $137,700
5. Martin Leblanc $102,251
6. Jonathan Bardier 81,767