Benger and Alekberovas Break Into the Top Ten of GPI Player of the Year List

Griffin Benger

Global Poker Index (GPI) Player of the Year race is becoming interesting as new players are finding their way into the top ten list and existing players are finding it hard to sustain their positions. Except for the top two in the list, Paul Volpe and Mike Watson, every player saw some movement in their position. Volpe is increasing the gap between him and Watson to maintain the lead. On the other hand Watson needs to increase his points as his lead from the number third player Scott Seiver, is marginal.

Scott Seiver, who was on ninth position last week, jumped six places and is at the third position now. As a result Daniel Shak drops down to fourth place, who was going steady at number three from quite some time. Ryan Kenney, who finished sixth in the High Roller event of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, jumped four places and re-enters the top ten list. Christian Harder dropped three places as other player’s performances made their scores better than Harder.

The biggest surprise of the week came in the form of Griffin Benger. He jumped 52 places and broke into the top ten list. Benger had won the High Roller event at European Poker Tour (EPT), Berlin. This is the first time that this Canadian player has made it into the top ten. The other new name which rounded the top ten list by placing himself at number ten is Lithuanian poker player Anaras Alakberovas. He finished 32nd in the Main Event of EPT Berlin and has won €3,000 event in Germany which was hosted by EPT.

Top Ten List of GPI Player of the Year

Rank Name of the Player Change  Points
1. Paul Volpe (-) 602.28
2. Michael Watson (-) 524.77
3. Scott Seiver (+6) 524.13
4. Daniel Shak (-1) 469.97
5. Micah Raskin (-1) 451.75
6. Ole Schemion (-1) 446.69
7. Bryn Kenney (+4) 441.60
8. Griffin Benger (+52) 441.59
9. Christian Harder (-3) 410.33
10. Anaras Alakberovas (+7) 405.59