Google Glasses Should be Banned from Casinos: Nevada Gaming Regulators

google glassIn a statement released by Nevada Gaming Regulators last week, they have asked for a complete ban on the use of Google Glasses in the casinos. These pair of glasses is a new product from Google and is finding a positive response from masses however it is raising some serious concern among those who are worried about safeguarding the casino industry from any kind of wrong doing.

In their statement “The Gaming Control Board” (Board) has said that they are getting inquiries regarding the usage of “Google Glass” in Casino premises and especially at the poker floor. Though there is nothing illegal about possession and general use of one of these glasses but there is a possibility of inappropriate or illegal use of “Google Glasses”.

They stated in their statement that, “Google Glass is essentially a light weight, wearable computer designed to be attached to eye glass frame. Google glass has the ability to display information, take pictures, record videos and transit & receive data via the internet”.

The board has shown their concern and said that with the help of these glasses a player can share information about the cards with each other and with players on other tables. This may give them an undue advantage in the game of poker. Plus these glasses can give a huge dent to public confidence that casinos in Nevada conducts every poker tournament honestly, competitively, free of corruptive and criminal elements.

The Board’s suggestion for all the nonrestricted gaming licensees is to not allow Google glasses on the gaming floor or while playing the game of poker. The policies of licensed establishments shold also be taken into consideration but they are free to take the final call.