LAPT Colombia Main Event: Weider Gutierrez Grabs the Title

lapt_colombiaWhat has been denied to Weider Gutierrez last year, he has achieved or should we say grabbed this year. On Sunday, Gutierrez emerged as the new champion of PokerStars Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) Colombia Main Event. The Champion received a huge amount of 165,244,000 Columbian Pesos (US $86,918) after winning the title. Gutierrez who was a finalist last year too, fell short to become the title holder and finished fourth. When he got another chance this year, he made full use of it and emerged as the winner.

Gutierrez has the third biggest chip stack on the final day. Miguel Velasco and Pablo Luzardo were the only players with more chips than him. The final table consists of some famous poker player with the like of Mexican Team PokerStars pro Christian de Leon along with Columbian Poker Star Mayu Roca.

The first one to leave the table was Juan Manual Pastor. He lost a huge hand against Mayu Roca, which left him with 70,000 chips. After two hands he said goodbye to the final table. Roca was the next player to get eliminated and he lost his final hand to Miguel Moscoso. Pablo Luzardo got busted next but before leaving the table he won a huge hand against Miguel Velasco. But his win didn’t help him to stay longer. Arrubarrena finished at fifth place and shortly after de Leon joined him. Velasco who finished at third place was quite unlucky as his two aces fell short when cards on table favored Moscoso for a Flush draw.

For the battle heads up Moscoso faced the champion with a huge chip lead. First, Gutierrez won a huge hand to level the chip lead and then in final hand his straight draw eliminated Moscoso at second place. He received 155,243,000 Columbian Pesos.

Finalists with their prize money

Rank Name of the Player Prize (COP) Prize (US$)
1. Weider Gutierrez 165,244,000 $86,918
2. Miguel Moscoso 155,243,000 $81,657
3. Miguel velasco 145,243,000 $76,397
4. Christian de Leon 74,460,000 $39,165
5. Alezandro Arrubarrena 55,790,000 $29,345
6. Pablo Luzardo 41,510,000 $21,834
7. Mayu Roca 30,530,000 $16,058
8. Juan Manual Pastor 22,840,000 $12,013