Learn Poker with the help of Poker Books

Doyle Brunsons Super-System-A Course in Power-Poker
Doyle Brunsons Super-System-A Course in Power-Poker

Poker has been prevalent in our society since ages and is swiftly gaining momentum in attracting many poker buffs to strike it big on the poker table. Hence, various experts penned down their expertise in the field which served as a medium for many to learn the glamorous game of poker.  These top ranked poker bestsellers will guarantee you a quick progress in your future poker endeavors.

Doyle Brunson’s Super System

When experts like Doyle Brunson pen down a book, you know it is going to be legendary. This book happens to be the best guide to master the poker etiquettes, jargons and all the techniques required to make it big on the poker table. Because of being published in 1979, some archaic sections in the book are obsolete. However, some sections in the book are as updated as new like the segment on No-limit cash games. Doyle is often criticized for revealing almost all poker tactics in his publications; however his books entertained and educated a generation about poker.

Caro’s Book of Poker Tells

This bestseller published by Mike Caro entitles you to gain a superb advantage over your challenger. This classic is a must read for the poker enthusiasts who wish to master the tactics in live poker. It familiarizes you with indicators like body language and betting style that helps you take down your opponent. Caro tutors its readers with the skills to spot the weakness in your opponent and use the same for your benefit. This classic enables an average poker fanatic with ample working knowledge about ordinary poker tells which can help create marvels on the poker table.  This book is undoubtedly a must have in the shelf of every poker buff.

The Theory of Poker

A great foundation before building any concept ensures its longevity. Theory of Poker, written by David Sklansky is certainly your guide to tame the Poker basics and guarantee yourself a rock solid foundation of the poker techniques, etiquettes and tactics. This book explains the concepts in great depth felicitating the reader with a better understanding of the concepts. A one read of this book won’t guarantee you a miracle on the poker table; instead it requires a deeper sense of analysis and a few hours of genuine reading to gain mastery over poker techniques. An addition of this classic would complete your collection of poker bestsellers.

Ace on the River

This best seller by Barry Greenstein is topping the charts with its charismatic visual appeal attracting any average poker fanatic to grab a copy. Barry Greenstein’s writing style in this classic is very relatable to a mediocre reader. He has penned down this book in the simplest language, avoiding any fancy use of language or stories which makes it an instant hit with the readers. This book is not specifically targeted to a basic or advanced poker player.  An average poker enthusiast can make it big on the poker table with strategies from the pro himself, Barry Greenstein.