Player Wins $103,000 on Micro-Stake Table as PokerStars Celebrated its 100 Billionth Hand

PokerSpokerstars1tars has awarded its users with $2 million cash prize on Thursday as it dealt its 100 Billionth hand. This milestone hand was dealt on $0.02/$0.05 No Limit Hold’em 6-Max Micro-Stake Table, where a user by the name of ‘microulis’ won the first prize of $103,800. This is the first time in the history of online poker when a player has received such a huge amount in a promotional event. Rest of the five players split $65,460 amongst themselves as per their hand ranking. Apart from this $830.790.34 have also been distributed to 9471 players in cash prizes.

As the game reached to 100 billionth hand, the table froze and all the players were intimated about this rare opportunity. After seeing the message all the six players moved all in. Holding J and 5 of Diamonds ‘microulis’ grabbed the pot and the huge promotional prize money. All the PokerStars posted their messages online on this huge achievement. Although the 100 billionth hand has come and gone but PokerStars is running more promotional events throughout the month.

The poker giant is offering $25,000 guaranteed to the winner of $300,000 World Record Attempt event, which is going to take place on Sunday. The buy-in for this event will be of $1.

Coming up with more to offer, from June 17-23, any player can participate in Golden Sit & Go event with three levels. The three levels on offer are: Double the prize pool with double buy-in, four times the prize pool with four buy in and last Ten times the prize pool with ten buy-ins for all the players.

Another promotional event taking place on June 23 is $1 million guaranteed $109 zoom tournament. The winner will be awarded with a prize of 100,000.

The website will run another offer by the name of Zoom and Boom from June 24 to June 30th. All the players playing Zoom No limit Hold’em can participate in it and can win cash rewards by winning a pot only with flop cards on the board. Only that player is going to win who will hold the exact same hand as the one three Team Pros select as their favourite.

$1 million Ultimate Freeroll will be the last event which will take place on June 30th. The winner will be awarded with a prize of $50,000.