Poker Player Styles

What is that one thing which differentiate a Professional Poker Player from the rest of us? Of course they have developed their poker skills and know how to read the game better. But there is one more thing which they are good at, and that is they know how to read a player? Every Poker player has a pattern of playing hands. They bet, raise and fold in their own game style. So if anybody wants to master the game he should not only be good at reading the game but should also possess skills to read their opponents. We will tell you the most common six types of poker player styles which will definitely help you the next time you are on a table or playing online poker.

Recreational Player:

The main motive of playing poker for this kind of player is to have fun on the poker table. He keeps some money aside just to lose it. He will not care to call even on a weaker hand and can raise too. If he loses, it won’t bother him at all but even if he wins he’ll spend that money on something rather than putting it into his bankroll.

A recreational player loves to play fast game of poker. He’ll play fast if he is losing and faster if he is winning. Every poker pro loves to play with such players.

The High Roller

Players with huge bankrolls, probably retired and always looking for good time. These players are regular to High Stake Casinos. A high roller plays aggressive game and try to put his opponent out of the game as soon as possible. They can make any pot a huge bounty. Every time they raise, they send a message to their opponent that playing with them is going to be an expensive deal.

The Gentleman Gambler

With tremendous poker skills and lots of experience, these players are not regular to casinos but will show up every now and then. They will play wisely and will not bet on a loose hand. They play to keep polishing their skills. These players hate to lose, not because of money but because they play to win.

They are very tough opponent to beat and bit tight when it comes to raise the bet or to call on a weaker hand. But they changes their style when they start losing and can will play fast game of poker.

Scared Money

These players are wonderfully talented when it comes to a certain limit they are playing up to. They are very choosey when it comes to raise or call and only does it with a strong hand. Losing money is something which affects them a lot. He always plays with a strong hand and try to win as much as he can when he is confident about his hand.

The Properly Bankrolled Player

He is someone who has a huge bankroll and loosing does not affect him much. He possesses strong poker skills and will play as per his talent unless on a tilt.

The overly Bankrolled Player

You can call them High Rollers with massive bankroll. They have solid game skills and take their game seriously. These players do lose time to time but it hardly affect their financial considerations. They play skillfully unless their game is going down once that happen they switch gears and play like a highroller and raise on every hand.