Poker Styles and Their Names

In a game of poker there are many types of players and each of them has a certain style of playing. According to their style we can categorize every them in seven different categories. And for each category there is a famous and unique poker term. If any player can learn to read these poker styles then his chances to win the game increases. Here is a look at these famous poker terms and what do they stand for.

  1. Fish/Donkey: A player is referred as a fish if his playing style is extremely loose. He can be a beginner or a slow learner. Though his style is loose but he plays his game passively.
  2. Live One: You will find this player on every table. The weakest player on a table is known as Live One.
  3. Underdog: Statically, any player who is lacking in a particular hand in a game of poker and requires to pull up his socks in order to win a game is known as Underdog.
  4. Shark: Most famous term in poker world. He is exactly opposite of a Fish. He is a strong player will rock solid poker skills. He plays to win and rarely makes any silly mistake.
  5. Chameleon: Any poker player who can adapt according to the current hand is known as Chameleon. He can go from Tight to Wild in no time and vice versa. These kind of players are very hard to read.
  6. Bully: Most of the times you’ll find this players on every poker table. A bully puts pressure on his opponents constantly. His strategy is to make his opponents nervous and vulnerable to make mistakes.
  7. Grinder: A grinder always plays his game very cautiously and won’t leave ant loop holes in his technique. He generally has a huge bankroll and his style helps him in winning games steadily and consistently.