PokerStar Introduces its New Features: Zoom and Boom

pokerstars1The biggest online poker room PokerStars has come up with two new special features for their poker players. Named as Zoom and Boom, these features offer equally interesting services to PokerStars members. Zoom, is a fast paced poker room which has an amazing feature where a player finds himself on the next table within seconds of folding his current hand. And Boom is a hand re-player feature where players can share their best hands or unique experiences through sharing the videos of their poker hands.

Zoom is working on the line of Microgaming Poker networks “Heads-up 8 man Blaze” version of superfast poker. In this version of game a player will be taken instantly to another table to play a new hand of poker. In a normal hand every player has to wait till the current hand gets over to play the next hand. One more interesting fact is that with every fold a player will be on a new table with new players. It’s a fast paced version on PokerStars and is getting popular rapidly.

The other new feature introduced on the poker room is Boom player. Here any player can share the videos of their favorite hand plays. It can be any hand either they have won it or lost. This is a great way to share personal experience and that too through video.

So if you want to experience a whole new feel of playing poker in super fast speed and you like to share your hand play with your friends or everyone, you should check out these features on PokerStars.