Review: Bet Raise Fold

imagesA must watch for all the poker lovers from around the world. This movie takes its audience on a journey full of excitement, passion, madness and sorrow. Bet Raise Fold is about the online poker boom in America, which initiated in year 2003 and how it became a billion dollar industry in no time. When poker giants launched their online version of poker game, it was a huge success across the country. Now playing poker was in everybody’s reach and the money it generated was huge. And then, it all came crumbled in April, 2011 when US federal put a ban on online poker. The movie bring forward the unseen effects of infamous ‘Black Friday’ on every online poker player.

There are three main characters in the movie: Tony Dunst, a professional poker player who also co-hosts World Poker Tour (WPT) on television, Danielle Anderson, a mother from a suburban town of Minnesota and Martin Bradstreet, an Australian genius. Tony plays poker because he breath the game, Danielle help her family from the money she makes through online poker and Martin, who travels the world from the money he makes through online poker. Danielle’s character burst the myth that all poker players are mavericks. She is from a traditional American family, her parents who have no idea what poker is, support their daughter. Bet Raise Fold shows how a game can give liberty to a genius like Martin, who don’t want to do a regular job and want to travel the world. And of course Dunst madness!!

And then it takes a 360 degree turn and changes everything. In April, 2011 US federal put a stay on online poker. Movie shows how millions of players got affected by it. Somebody who is trying to raise a family, to a young man who wants to travel the world plus somebody whose whole life is around poker. All of them found themselves empty handed. Their struggle after Black Friday’s incident is well portrayed by all three real life characters.

The direction of movie is superb. And this movie has been funded by High-Stake Poker Players. It is in theaters in selected cities across USA and next month its digital version for home watching will be available. So if you want to know about all the facets of Black Friday and Online Poker Boom in America, do watch this movie. It will not disappoint you.