Australian Government Puts a Ban on Poker Mobile Apps

Australian Poker BanIn a disappointing news for Australian poker players, country’s government has put an indefinite ban on all poker mobile applications within its borders. After declaring poker mobile apps activity illegal, the Australian government gave huge dent in the earnings of licensed PokerStars and 888Poker along with other unlicensed poker apps. Abiding with new amendment in the law, Apple and Google has already removed these apps from iTunes and Google Play and in future none of iPhone or Android phone user will be able to download these apps.

Though the government has made its first move to keep its citizens away from online poker, it will be very hard to implement the new rule as there are hundreds of free apps available on the internet which can be downloaded on mobile phones. The implementation can be done by taking appropriate steps by the government such as blocking the access to these kind of games online and through phones with the help of ISP.

The Interactive Gambling Act (2001) of Australian Government permits lotteries and betting on sports online but for poker, there is no room even in this act. And as the govt. came up with a new law, this act will require few more amendments for effectively enforce new provisions.

PokerStars has confirmed the news and post a statement on Twitter which says, “Your local authorities are the best point of call for information. As far as we know it’s a ‘Clamp Down’ on mobile gaming”.

Several months ago, Australian Senator Dr. Richard Di Natale has raised his voice against the PokerStars app and asked Apple to take the app down from iTunes. He said, “We don’t allow online poker in Australia for Australian people under the interactive gaming law.

Online poker bill is still trying to catch a breath in US Federal Court too, which has banned online poker gaming in America two years ago. Though some states have opened its doors for online poker, its approval in Federal Court still have a very little chance.