Casino Royale is Back With CR CUP Poker Tournament

cr-cupThe wait for all the Indian poker enthusiasts is over as Casino Royale has come up with their famous CR Cup Poker Tournament. The famous tourney of this splendid offshore casino will run for four days commencing on July 24, 2013. As always, Casino Royale has put huge prize money on offer and tournament organizers are anticipating huge number of Indian poker players to turn up.

There are going to be three major events and their details are as follow:

  1. INR. 10,000 Freezeout Event (July 24): With a buy-in of INR 10,000, a player can battle out for a handsome guaranteed prize money of INR. 4, 00,000. The Blind stakes will increase with a time period of 20 minutes.
  2. INR. 20,000 Freezeout Event (July 25): With a buy-in of INR. 20,000, this event is offering a guaranteed prize money of INR. 6, 00,000. The blind stakes will go up with a time interval of 25 minutes.
  3. INR. 50,000 Freezeout Main Event (July 26-27): With a huge prize money of INR. 15, 00,000 guaranteed on line, the main event buy-in is for INR. 50,000. The Blind Stakes will go up after 30 minutes.

This time, Casino Royale has come up with a new concept and offering seats in their events to those players which will spend as much time as possible in their casinos. To get a seat in all three events a player will need to have 160 logging hours. If a player spends 120 hours playing, he’ll secure a seat in INR. 10,000 and INR. 20,000 events and lastly he’ll get a seat in INR. 10,000 event for spending 80 hours of play.

With such huge prize packages and an exclusive offer to play more and reserve a seat in the events, Casino Royale has already made sure that their tournament is going to be a big success. It would be interesting to see which Indian poker player will prove his might and grab the Casino Royale CUP.