November Nine


The November Nine of 2013
The November Nine of 2013

The term ‘November Nine’ was coined in the year 2008 and refers to the final nine competitors left to compete against each other in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP).  Since then, the term’ November Nine’ was engraved in the poker history and is a common lingo in the poker circuit. The winner amongst these final nine contestants at the WSOP Main Event bags the coveted honor of being enshrined with the prestigious title of the World Champion of Poker.

Before the launch of November Nine in 2008, the entire Main Event of World Series of Poker (WSOP) continued without any hindrance and interruption. However in 2008, ESPN and Harrah’s Entertainment revolutionized the poker industry by introducing the concept of a delayed telecast of the final table. This was done with an intention to generate an element of thrill and anticipation in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and to fetch higher Television Rating Points (TRPs) for their telecast shows.


DIMINISHING INTEGRITY OF WSOP: The launch of this exclusive concept in the poker circuit received mixed reviews from various poker players and poker enthusiasts. Speculations were raised on the effect of the delay on the proceedings of the tournament. Allegations were made upon commercialization of the tournament’s antiquity to generate profits and feed the filthy capitalists. A participant of the 2008 November Nine, Ylon Schwartz was utterly disgusted on seeing the diminishing phase and buzz of traditional Las Vegas.

RISE IN TRPs: ESPN recorded a significant rise in the ratings and a 50% rise in the Television Rating Points (TRPs) for their telecasted shows in 2008 in comparison to the previous year telecasts. Harrah’s Entertainment and ESPN’s commendable efforts for the broadcast won them a prestigious Emmy Award nomination for the title “Outstanding Live Event Turnaround.  Hence, November Nine successfully created a buzz among poker fanatics.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: This subsequent delay in broadcast of the final table fetches bright opportunities for the November Niners to grab sponsors and get lucrative deals for endorsing and sponsorship from eminent brands.

TIME FOR IMPROVEMENT FOR WEAKER PLAYERS: Various poker fanatics and poker players across the globe rebelled against the change avenging the long gap and messing with the tournament’s continuity. It was sensed that this would foster unfair chance to the weaker players by giving them ample time for improvement and study their opponent’s game plan.


Despite of criticism and accusations from poker fanatics across the globe, November Nine continued till the year 2011. The legacy of November Nine ended with the WSOP in 2012. This term was soon replaced by ‘October Nine’. This startling change was made due to scheduling of the Presidential Elections in the United States of America.