PokerStars Enhances Security to Safeguard Players Accounts

Pokerstars smallOnline Poker Giant PokerStars has given Poker Players another reason to join their online room by enhancing its security system to protect player’s account from any kind of threat. On Monday, the representative of the company made the official announcement about the implementation of new SMS validation system on PokerStars account. This system will help players to monitor their account through mobile phones. If any kind of malicious activity will be suspected, the system will prohibit any kind of transaction from the account including deposit, withdrawal, transfer and registration. Also if any game is underway at that moment, it will be suspended too. Then PokeStars will send a SMS to the account holder and will ask him to enter a certain code, only after entering the right code all services will be resumed.

Though the company has come with a new security measure but it will take time for complete implementation. Players will be asked to register their mobile numbers and then activate the service on their account. Though this service is for free but with such a huge user base, it will not be easy for implementation.

PokerStars has gone to lengths for providing a secure online poker experience to its customers as security has always been the biggest concern amongst players while playing online. And as this poker room is again ready to operate from New Jersey by the year end, it’ll try to regain American players trust after 2011 incident. Earlier too, this online poker giant was the first one to introduce RSA security tokens in online gaming and once again this new SMS validation security system is first of its kind in online gambling.

The intentions of PokerStars are right but experts fear that it may also cause inconvenience for the customers. It is still not clear what will be considered as malicious activity and if the poker room restrict any player from accessing his own account for no obvious reason then it’ll be a big concern for online poker players.