Popular Poker Movies

RoundersPoker has the essence of drama with a single card having the potential to change a player’s luck.This concept has been engraved in several Hollywood movies leaving audiences gripped with enthusiasm and inspiration. We present to you the finest poker movies made in Hollywood


This movie released in 1988 with a decent box-office collection, gives a sharp insight into the dark world of underground Poker before the fever of gambling gripped the generation. This was one of the renowned classics that brought into light the concept of Texas Hold’em and familiarized various gambling enthusiasts with Poker. This movie, starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton revolves around their struggle to earn quick cash to pay off debts. Despite of mediocre collections at the box office and rave reviews from film critics, Rounders became an offbeat hit and is a must watch for every poker enthusiast.


This 1965 Hollywood classic leaves the viewer enthralled with the famous scene where the characters compete in the ultimate climatic hand. The movie features exemplary performances from Steve McQueen and Edward G. Robinson and won positive criticism from movie critics. The movie tops the list of one of the best poker movies ever made. Steve McQueen’s genuine efforts and struggle to bag the title of the finest poker player and his tryst with Lancey Howard, portrayed by Edward G. Robinson is beautifully depicted in the backdrop of New Orleans.  The Cincinnati Kid leaves every poker fanatic inspired with a quest to master this game!


This famous biopic released in 2003 is based on the life of the celebrated American poker player and talented gin player, Stu Ungar. The highs and lows in the life of this poker legend are beautifully portrayed by Michael Imperioli with cameos from several renowned professional poker players like Andy Glazer and Vince Van Pattern to name a few. The character of Ungar, portrayed by Michael Imperioli, recalls his tryst with poker, career wins, cocaine abuse and his troubled marital life. This Hollywood classic leaves you gripped with the right blend of inspiration and drama!


The handsome Mel Gibson and gorgeous Jodie Foster exemplify the enthusiasm of a true Poker fanatic in a beautiful way. The duo work in a pair to achieve their fancy of making it big in a lavish poker tournament. This 90s Hollywood classic, directed by Richard Donner, portrays the humorous catastrophes faced by the character Bret Maverick (played by Mel Gibson) during his  to prove his mettle as a supreme Poker player.


This 1992 Hollywood classic featuring the gorgeous Sarah Jessica Parker and handsome Nicholas Cage is a light comedy filmed in the glamorous city of Las Vegas. The film revolves around Nicholas trying his hand at Poker and losing his lady love to a professional gambler, portrayed by James Caan. The film is a light hearted fiction with numerous hilarious moments. The concept of cheating in Poker is very well depicted through Caan’s clever tactics & cruel intentions, while showing the power of love triumph over all odds through Nicholas Cage’s frantic attempts to rescue his fiancée, portrayed by the ever beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker.