Zynga Reveals Plans to Enter Real Money Facebook Games

Facebook ZyngaSocial Gaming leader Zynga has unveil its plans about launching real money gambling app on world’s biggest social networking site Facebook. The announcement was made during an event taking place in Barcelona. UK will be the first market on Zynga’s list to be targeted but the dates are still not disclosed.

Zynga, which is best known for its online social games like Words with Friends, Famville, Cityville etc. has entered in real money games in the month of April this year. It launched two versions of poker, Zynga Plus Poker and Zynga Plus Casino by teaming up with one of the biggest poker website Party Poker. The gaming platform used by Zynga for its games was of bwin. Party.

Now as it has decided to capitalize on its popularity of social network gaming, its joint venture is again anticipated to be with Party Poker. Zynga spokesperson cleared that they will make sure to give their new money gambling app a fresh new look and will make sure that no player will confuse it with other games where they just want to play with the virtual chips. The colors, graphics and the tables will be different from its other games, which can be played without paying real money.

In real money gambling apps, UK based Gamesys is the frontrunner right now. It has launched a gambling app with the name of Bingo Friendzy on Facebook last August, anticipating Zynga’s move in the real money apps in near future. After almost a year, Zynga has come-up with their version of real money gambling app on Facebook.

Zynga’s decision to launch such an app came in the light of its decreasing revenues in the past one year. Its share prices have declined and it has slashed more than 8% of its employees recently. As more and more people are accessing social networking sites through mobile phones and Zynga’s games are not mobile compatible, it has decided to come up with this new app.