Poker flavour in Las Vegas

Las VegasLas Vegas, located in the city of Nevada has an estimated 1701 licensed gambling spots in the city. No wonder, this glamorous city is termed as the ‘Sin City’ due to its historic tryst with gambling and poker. This glamorous city celebrated its 100th day of origin in the year 2005 on May 15 and enjoys an estimated 38.9 million visitors each year.


‘Las Vegas’ is a Spanish term which means “The Meadows”.  This magnificent city dates back its origin to the year 1905. This top-notch tourist destination was adorned with a legal status of existence as an integrated city in 1911. The town failed to attract many residents until 1931, when gambling was legalized by the Nevada legislature. This led to mushrooming of numerous casino hotels, with the earliest being the ‘Golden Gate & Casino’ in the year 1906. Currently, seventeen out of the 20 biggest hotels of U.S are situated in the glamorous city of Las Vegas.


The glittering casinos spotted in every nook and corner of Las Vegas originated in 1940s. Benjamin Siegel most remembered as Bugsy Siegel is credited with the honor of making the city a gambling paradise. His 100 bed hotel named the Flamingo was lavishly furnished with his mob funds and is engraved in the glorious city of Las Vegas.


In 1966 Howard Hughes, on being smitten by the charm of Vegas, decided to purchase his first hotel in the city. After a prolonged stay of 2 years in Desert Inn, he faced concern to evacuate from the hotel’s management. In retaliation, Howard bought the hotel and continued his stay in the gorgeous city.


The city fosters strict poker etiquette. Kids below the age of 21 are not allowed to participate in gambling in Nevada. Children are permitted to enter the casino under strict adult supervision. However they are restricted from wandering in the casino premises despite of being accompanied by an adult.


Massive tourism, gambling and restaurant industries are destined to secure a bright economy for this 31st most populous city of the world. Casinos and entertainment continue to draw millions of tourists annually. Despite acute unemployment, recession and housing price collapse traumatizing the residents of Las Vegas in 2008, all these mayhems failed to disrupt the tourism and the city enjoyed millions of tourists the same year. So pack your bags with oodles of cash and your favorite set of glamorous clothes and get set to try your fortune at the poker table in the entertainment capital of the world!

The most known and loved poker tournament across the world is also held in Las Vegas every year.