Some Famous and Historical Poker Hands

Texas DollyWith poker fever gripping millions across the globe breaking all barriers of religion, caste, sex or nationality, the poker lingo and terminology is gaining momentum with each passing day.  Whether to spice up the game with a dash of humor or to show respect to poker legends, these famous poker hands are a must read by every poker fanatic!


This is one of the most famous poker hands and its history trails down to Doyle Brunson’s tryst with poker. 10-2 is considered to be a completely junk hand in poker with negligible potential value; however this same trash hand helped Doyle Brunson create marvels on the poker table in WSOP 1976 and 1977 main events. This poker legend’s winning streak in the WSOP 1976 and 1977 main events was backed by final hands of 10-2. He used this pitiful poker hand to emerge victorious in WSOP for 2 consecutive years in 1976 and 1977. Since then, 10-2 has been famous in the poker history as ‘Texas Dolly’ and nicknamed as the ‘Doyle Brunson’ hand by poker fanatics across the globe.


This term refers to the starting hand AA. This hand is also famous as Pocket Rockets or Bullets in poker terminology. This duo of aces is considered as one of the strongest hand with immense potential value in pre flop and Hold’em. This combination of ace and ace is guaranteed to create a marvel on the poker table and assure a winning amount more than any poker hand. This pair of aces gets its nickname as ‘American Airlines’ because the commercial airline has AA as its acronym.


It is not a rare sight to spot a poker fanatic screech they have a ‘Cowboy’ during a game of Texas Hold’em. Pocket Kings are nicknamed as ‘Cowboys’ in poker terminology.  After Ace-Ace, this is considered to be the second best and finest starting hand in a game of poker. This combination of king and king is known to brighten the sinking fortune of their respective players. There is not specific reason behind the nickname ‘Cowboys’ except for Cowboy’s tryst with poker since centuries. This duo of Kings is also called as ‘King Kong’.


A pair of queens in a game of Texas Hold’em is called as ‘Ladies’ in poker terminology.  This duo of Queens is the only set of female cards and is nicknamed with many derogatory names such as ‘Bitches’ or ‘Four Tits’.  It is good quality starting hand in a game of poker.


A pair of 7 and 2 is nicknamed as ‘Beer Hand’ in poker lingo. In the history of Hold’em, this combination of hands is considered to be the feeble starting hand. It is called a ‘Beer Hand’ for an array of reasons. Firstly, a poker contestant emerging victorious with this combination is entitled to treat all the participants with free beer; or a person sloshed with numerous beers would risk playing with this hand.


This poker hand derives its name from the legendary story of Wild Bill Hickok’s brutal murder in the late 18th century. This voracious gunfighter, also a professional gambler was gunned down brutally during a poker game in Number Ten Saloon in Deadwood.  He died with two black aces and a pair of black eights which are remembered in the history of poker as the renowned Dead Man’s Hand.