New Look of Adda52 Portal is Live Now

The new home page of Adda52
The new home page of Adda52 revealed the new look of their website last weekend. The new coal black look with a contrast of golden adds a crumbly feel to the website. The newly designed graphics & accessible tabs make it much easy to flip around the different pages of the website. The site has become more attractive & user friendly.

The striking features of the new look include two smart features – a summary of live tournaments & stats feature which provide handy information about Adda52. Players don’t need to login to view the details of the current or upcoming tournaments. Even a visitor can get this information at a single click now. The stats feature provides all the required data about adda52 which include live poker tables, total registered users, hands dealt, prizes given out etc.

With its aim to provide the best online gaming experience to its users; this is the second time that adda52 has made efforts to come up with its new interactive interface. The new website includes an informative home page followed by different tabs & links which lead to other webpages of the site.

The primary games of the site i.e. poker and rummy, are placed at the top, on the easily noticeable tabs. For the ease of users, all the promotions are kept at the central scroll bar. Beside this, a list of banks along with their payment options is also provided at the homepage. The logo is still the same and is placed at the top left corner. The login buttons have got new dimensions. All the options for a player are displayed, once a player has logged in. A player can view his stats, freeroll chips, real chips etc. after logging in.

The newly introduced theme of adda52 is not only easy to browse but also quite user friendly. It attracts you to experience a lively environment in online rooms. The new theme with its black and golden shades is completely in sync with other international poker rooms & is definitely going to be loved by all users!

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  1. Sushant
    October 1, 2013 - 6:15 am

    The site def looks much better but I hope the software also in the same feel soon. The colors are clashing

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