Tony Dunst wins WPT Caribbean

Courtesy: WPT
Courtesy: WPT

Tony Dunst overcame a tough final table which included Marvin Rettenmaier and Giacomo Fundaro to  win the 2013 World Poker Tour(WPT) Caribbean in picturesque St.Maarten yesterday. The WPT Raw Deal Host won the first major title of his poker career and the top prize of $145,000.

Dunst had started the six-handed final as chip leader and consolidated further by eliminating Robert Bakker in sixth place. Zoltan Purak was the next casualty at the hands of Dunst in fifth place. Marvin Rettenmaier who was making his fourth WPT Final table appearance this year went all in with a weak stack and exit in fourth place. His conqueror Severin Schleser was in third place and heads up battle started between Dunst and Fundaro.

At this time, Dunst held a huge 4 to 1 chip advantage over Fundaro whnen they held 4.7 Million to 940,000 chips respectively. Fundaro managed a quick double up in Level 25 but despite this 30 hands later, he saw himself calling Dunst’s big raise. Dunst held Jd 2h and Fundaro had Kh3h as the flop came J 9 2. The turn and river both were 6 and Dunst wrote his name in the WPT Champions Club eliminating Fundaro in second place.

The prize payouts for the WPT Caribbean are as follows:

1st:  Tony Dunst – $145,000
2nd:  Giacomo Fundaro – $100,000
3rd:  Severin Schleser – $63,500
4th:  Marvin Rettenmaier – $46,800
5th:  Zoltan Purak – $35,900
6th:  Robert Bakker – $28,700

WPT action now moves to Montreal later this week.