Top Indian Cities from Where Poker Players Come

Casino - Poker in GoaIndia has become one of the fastest Asian countries to adapt the ongoing poker fever.  With an aim poker in India, many poker communities are stepping ahead.In fact, people love it being part of this kind of skillful game.

Be it a social gathering or a professional encounter or just leisure, Texas Holdem poker has marked its presence in each aspect. The game has gained significant popularity in the past few years. It has evolved as a matured game among the different sections of the society because of the ways it is played. People are accepting the game not only as a pastime activity but also as a profession. Specially, states like Goa, Sikkim & metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune etc. have already been identified as the hub for poker enthusiasts.

  • Goa – Goa tops the list of Indian Poker Players who love to play live poker games. Since there are so many land-based casinos here, it has become the favorite destination of all poker devotees. Various poker associations like WSOP, WPT etc. host numerous poker tournaments here. Many popular poker talents like Husain Lakdawala belong to this wonderful place.
  • Bangalore – Bangalore has grown as the poker hub in the past few years. The foundation of the famous “Golden Aces” poker room has taken the leap forward in the promotion of the poker game. Many internationally recognized poker pros like Abhishek Goindi, Rakesh Agarwal etc. are native of this wonderful city.
  • Kolkata – Kolkata is the next big poker horizon. As per the jurisdiction of Kolkata govt. poker is considered as a game of skill & hence it is legal to play poker or even take it as a profession. Many popular names like Aditya Agarwal, the poker pro, belong to this city.
  • Mumbai – Mumbai has always been considered as the city of dreams because of its chirpy atmosphere, friendly people, trendy lifestyle etc. But in the last few years it has emerged as the city of poker lovers. Though there are no poker rooms or casinos here but it doesn’t affect the craze of poker lovers. Many players like Amit Varma, Jasven Saigal, Jaswinder singh aka Bobbe suri etc. Are well-known “poker mumbaiker” of Indian poker community. Beside this, Pune is also emerging as the new poker horizon.
  • Delhi – Poker game has also grown its prospects in the capital city. Poker pros like Nitin Malik, Sameer Guliani aka Sam, are popular delhiites who have set a benchmark for the future poker enthusiasts.
  • Kerala – Though Kerala is known for many things like its wealth, life expectancy, literacy rate, the cuisine of thousand species but its crowd is best known for its freedom of expression. Here people are open minded & consider poker a skilled game rather than betting. Many famous poker pros like Sangeeth Mohan aka Samoh, who have gained significant recognition in the international poker circuit,are native of this small state.

Beside this, many other cities like Coimbatore (Tamilnadu), Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) are also not untouched with the poker fever. Like most of the other industries, Indian poker industry has also progressed greatly in the past few years. Presently, many offline &online poker rooms are providing a platform to the Indian to prove their mettle. Even the Google search engine with keywords “poker game” reveals over thousands of search results. These figures are enough to show that sooner or later poker will emerge prominently.