Yokosawa wins WPT Korea, Sekularac leads Final 21 in WPT Prague

wptkorea2WPT action pursued across two continents as the World Poker Tour made a comeback in Asia with the WPT Korea crowning Masato Yokosawa as the Main Event champion. Yokosawa jumped into chip lead as the final table began and always stayed in front and won the top prize of $100,000 and a $15,400 entry into season-ending WPT World Championship in April. In the European city of Prague, WPT action entered the money with the final 21 being decided. Serbian Ognjen Sekularac stayed in chip lead at Casino Prague with Vasili Firsau also in contention.

The first Main event on the Asian territories marked a very dominant performance in the final table by Yokosawa. He was second in chip lead after Chane Kampanatsanyakorn who lost the advantage after a dozen hands and could never make it up the ladder. He dropped down so much that he was the first to exit from the final table and had to be happy with sixth place and $17,100. The next player to fall was Jae Kyung “Simba” Sim followed by Kosei Ichinose.

Three way action pursued for about 40 hands until Hyunshik Hun went all in preflop with K♦Q♣ against Park’s 10♦10♥. The board came 9♠8♠2♦3♦8♥ and the Pocket 10’s were good for the elimination. Despite getting all of Hun’s chips, Park was still very short stacked and Yokosawa needed another 40 hands to win the top prize.

In the final hand, Park took the betting lead on every street of a 10♠8♣5♠5♦2♥ board. Park shoved the river with A♥10♣ (two pair, tens and fives), but Yokosawa called with 6♥5♥ (trip fives) to win the first WPT title awarded in Asia.

Final Table Results of the Main Event of WPT Korea:

1st:  Masato Yokosawa  –  $100,000*
2nd:  Chris Park  –  $60,700
3rd:  Hyunshik Hun  –  $38,500
4th:  Kosei Ichinose  –  $28,500
5th:  Jae Kyung Sim  –  $21,400
6th:  Chane Kampanatsanyakorn  –  $17,100

Keep watching this space to read what unfolds on WPT Prague