Madis Muur leads 2014 PCA Main Event, McDonald seeks Record Second EPT Title

mikemcdonaldFollowing a short poker outing on Day 5 of the 2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure(PCA) Main Event, the small field of 20 was skittled down to the 8 player final table with Madis Muur leading the pack.  European Poker Tour Season 4 Dortmund champion Mike McDonald who is second in chip strength also has a good chance to win. If he succeeds then he will become EPT’s first ever two time champion.

McDonald has come close to achieving this feat many times in the past also. Previously in EPT Season 5 he scored a fifth-place finish in the Dortmund Main Event for €197,000 and followed that up in Season 6 with a third place in Deauville which netted him €295,000. But this final table of the 2014 PCA Main Event isn’t an easy one and is very deep stacked. Muur who is leading currently has 6,205,000 chips while McDonald is second with 5,605,000 chips. Pascal LeFrancois who was chip leader on Day 2 has 5,595,000 chips. Dominik Panha with 3,605,000 and Fabian Ortiz with 3.040,000 chips also stand a good chance.

Day 5 kicked off with the elimination of Roger Teska who has made headlines in this years PCA, thanks to his colorful behavior and drinks. Antoine Saout, 2009 WSOP November Niner fell in 16th place; followed by Allon Allison (15th), Pal Zsibrita (14th), Jorgen Sandvoll Lindebo (13th), Fabio Freitas (12th), Grayson Ramage (11th), and Tom Hall (10th). 

Max Silver who was the chip leader on Day 3 was the final table bubble when he moved all in with his short stack of 600,000 chips with d1d4. LeFrancois who had raised from early position called with dkh10. Players were on their backs with the board coming  {Q-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}{k-Hearts} {8-Hearts} {K-Clubs} giving LeFrancois trip King’s and eliminting Silver with $135,400. 

When play starts, the official eight player final table will begin. We will keep you updated of who rules the PCA Main Events and walks off with the top prize of $1,820,420.