Online Poker News: One Year on the Poker Rail

opn img 1An year back, a passion for learning poker was turned into a website that tried to talk about poker and bring poker awareness to the Indian gamer. The thought was to cover as much of poker news from the country and tell the world what our average Indian poker player was doing. The implementation was slow with less funds and lesser bandwidth but the thought process had begun. was born an year back with 2 people and borrowed resources. Functioning from home, rented quarters and sometimes even a friend’s apartment; OPN has strived to cover ‘everything about Indian poker‘. When we started we didn’t know anyone. We didn’t even know that the poker fraternity in India was so huge and so connected. All we knew was there was a team of two girls venturing into the male dominated domain. Half way through we were left with a single female standing doing the editorial, PR and everything else that OPN needed. Thanks to our affiliates who helped us put together a team and get our website on its feet. 

Times, they are-a-changing and we are now a small but diligent team of young poker enthusiasts. With grit and determination, we have climbed up the poker SEO rankings and have also completely revamped our website. We are now mobile responsive, user friendly and thoroughly engaging. Updated through the clock, our SEO ranks speak for our high effectiveness in the poker fraternity.

And thanks to the poker community of India who have let OPN in. In this past one year, OPN has come to meet many poker players. We have seen how a life of an average poker player functions. How this everyday businessman/software engineer/banker manages his day job with his poker life and juggles it to maintain a family life balance as well. How he takes those trips to Goa, Macau and Manila and cheers his fellow poker players from India. How he speaks highly of the big names in online poker globally and aspires to play the WSOP in Vegas one day. And whenever he achieves something, the whole poker community claps on the rail. Kudos to this poker fellowship! 

OPN has seen the real life vigour of playing poker in a physical tournament and the sighs and the cheers of losing and winning. The trophies, the cashes and the disappointments of playing in a poker tournament. The enthusiasm in a packed poker room, the clickety click sound of poker chips being stacked, the black coffee’s to keep those eyes open and the midnight maggi! OPN was honoured to become a part of this side of the poker world with introduction of live coverage.

Thanks to the Poker family for accepting us and giving us this chance. We will only become better and bigger from here. With your cooperation and thoughts about the poker game, we will only be taking more measures to give poker its due in the country.

Kudos to the OPN Team who are striving to make a niche in this very saturated poker market. Let’s up the ante now and show the world what a group of determined Indians can do.