How do you choose which online poker room is best for you?

Poker is a passion just not a game and poker rooms are the places where passion meets with game. And as game is growing, number of poker rooms is also growing. This case is similar whether you talk about offline poker rooms or online poker rooms. Every online poker site claims to be the best place for the poker players, each one of them offer different experiences but as a player how to choose which is the best poker room for you. Don’t worry we would help you, here are some tips –

1.       Look for poker room with best of welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses are schemes offered by online poker rooms to allure players and provide players free money on their deposits to play cash games. So first eye opener for any poker player is to find out which site offers best welcome bonus because higher the bonus higher will be the free money above your deposits to play and higher are the chances of making money.

2.       Prefer where players are active

Second point for choosing best online poker room is player’s traffic; always go for a poker room which attracts most number of players especially on the tables where you would like to play. Also how many players play at signal point of time, how many tables and tournaments are going on? The kind of tournaments a poker room offers that is also important. There is no point in going to a poker room where you are alone on the table.

3.       Gaming experience

End to end user experience of gaming and fair game play are key factors which decide that an online poker room is best to play or not. Gaming software should be easy to use and clutter free, however design should be attractive and buttons should be easy to identify. Stylish tables, lively themes, multiple avatars and seamless banking make any poker room a best destination for poker players.

4.       User reviews & Video tutorials

Like any other product or service, while choosing for online poker room you should always seek for user reviews and understand what others have experienced? Video tutorials also give you enough glimpses of site and gaming experience of the poker room. Find out each and every detail about different aspects of poker room like banking, tournaments, game play etc.

5.       Safe Banking & friendly Customer Support

Banking is the biggest concern for Indian poker players and this factor should be thoroughly analyzed while playing over any website. Availability of multiple payment options, quick withdrawals, proven redemption policy should be the parameters of judgement.

Apart from the banking, friendly and dedicated customer support team is very critical for good experience of any poker room. However players mostly ignore this factor and believe they have to hardly interact with them. But if ignored it’s going to be a big mistake as you will always find difficult to resolve your issues when customer support team is not friendly.


There is lot more to consider apart from above mentioned points which includes loyalty program, type of freerolls, VIP status norms and filters.

In last 2 years many online poker rooms have made its mark in India and heads the list with more than 3 Lac players base. So next time when you look forward for a good online poker room keep above mentioned points in mind.