This week that Year: When Zoom Poker was launched on PokerStars

On 16th March 2012, Pokerstars had launched the beta version of Zoom Poker. It was a fast forward poker format which was not only fast but simple too. The answer to anyone who hates to wait, Zoom poker could allow you to play upto 4 table at a time. The moment you fold at one table, you are taken to another table for a new hand. With interesting animations, you can continue to see what unfolded at that existing table but also enjoy a faster game.This-week-that-year-template3

In the beta launch only 4 games could be played and that too in micro and small stakes. To start with it was offered only on 4 Texas Hold’em and 4 Omaha games, but allows for player pools as large as 1500 players.

This revolutionary concept by PokerStars opened a can of worms and other poker rooms followed up on this innovation It took a few months for the others to start this format of poker game but 888 came up with Snap Poker and Party Poker launched FastForward. But Zoom Poker continues to be the most played ‘Fast Version’ Game of poker.

Zoo m Poker continued in beta for 2 months and later was expanded to include more poker games and more stakes. It was later also launched across mobile platforms also and is available to play on iOs and android also now.