Zynga Poker Revamps its Gaming Interface, to Test Real money Gaming Across the World

The new look table of the Zynga Poker Game
The new look table of the Zynga Poker Game

Zynga, the Number 1 Play Money Poker Site in the world has revamped its gaming interface leaving its cartoon avatars behind and adopting a more realistic gameplay. The major redesign of the poker gaming software for its mobile users has happened in the wake of popular demand to give the poker game a more serious look. 

Zynga Poker now leaves the old cartoon look behind and adopts a realistic design with player photos and engrossing look and feel resembling that of an actual casino. The new poker game also has features like adapting to your skill level, letting you play faster and placing you in games suited to your past playing patterns, skill etc. It is also expected to be faster and more responsive.

The table graphics are now gold and red in tune with that of an actual casino. A dynamic audio has also been added to give the complete brick and mortal casino feel. This choice of colors was justified by Nick Giovanello, the creative director for Poker Mobile as,”We looked into the psychology of casinos. Red encourages split-second decisions. Gold increases value, and the lighting changes at night.”

Zynga which had launched its poker social gaming platform in July 2007 has grown to have millions of players. But the fact that Zynga is a market leader in play money poker only and not in other casino games has always pulled it back. In an attempt to venture into the murky waters of real money gaming, Zynga had launched real money poker in the UK last year. But that has still to make any positive impact for the gaming giant so far.

The grapevine also suggests that the CEO Don Mattrick told attendees at a Morgan Stanley conference in New York today that Zynga will launch pilots of its real-money poker game in different parts of the world, but isn’t ready to announce anything definitive yet. Earlier this year, Zynga had also announced that it was looking to test bitcoins as an in-game currency provider for a few of its games. While it listed its popular social games of Farmville and Cityville in the bitcoin currency test, poker was not listed.