Jason Comtois wins partpoker WPT National Canadian Spring Championship(WPTCSC)

wptcscJason Comtois is the Champion of the partypoker.net World Poker Tour(WPT) National Canadian Spring Championship(WPTCSC). He was the ‘final man standing’ in a field of 1,079 players to take home the top prize worth CAD $178,114.

The players in the final table were Johnny Mazzaferro (Seat 1), Jason Comtois (Seat 2), John Paul Tabago (Seat 3), Mario Lim (Seat 4), Alexander Wong (Seat 5), and Daniel Gagne (Seat 6). Mario Lin was the first to leave the table, followed by Alexander Wong, Johnny Mazzaferro and Daniel Gagne who had the lead with 8,000,000 chips at the start was the fourth to go with CAD $80,904.

Heads-Up Chip Counts:
Jason Comtois –  10,525,000  (26 bb)
John Paul Tabago  –  21,450,000  (53 bb)

Hand 131 decided the fate of the game. Comtois raised to 925,000 preflop and Tabago reraised to 2.6 million. Comtois reraised all in and Tabago called all in with Q4. Comtois was ahead with the AK and the board ran out K 4 3 7 3 to end the tournament. Tabago was out in second place and took home CAD $124,758. Comtois won the championship and took home the WPT champion belt and CAD $178,114.

Final Table Results of the WPTCSC(note that all values are CAD):

1st: Jason Comtois – $178,114
2nd: John Paul Tabago – $124,758
3rd: Daniel Gagne – $80,904
4th: Johnny Mazzaferro – $59,762
5th: Alexander Wong – $44,586
6th: Mario Lim – $36,108

The next WPT event will be the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown in Hollywood, California which will run from April 10th-16.