Adda52 Turns On The Soccer Heat

Soccer fever is soaring higher and higher each day as the race to the final closes in. If you are a football fan or know someone who is one, there would hardly have been any other topic of discussion around you in the last few days other than this year’s FIFA World Cup. Once in every four years come the best players from around the world to face off against each other. The level of competition and intensity displayed on the field is as fiery as it is breath-taking. Needless to say, the fans lap it all up and crave for more. And you know what, there is definitely more for all you football fanatics out there. Go to the contest now!, India’s largest online poker website, is running a contest on Facebook called adda52FIFAFever that naturally revolves around the game. Beginning on June 26, the contest will last a week and end on July 3. All you need to do is get an awesome picture taken with your football, submit your pic as an entry at the earliest and ‘like’Adda52’s FB page. The more the page shares and invites, the more your chance to be among the top five winners who stand to get Adda52mart goodies worth Rs.500. The top two winners will be rewarded withFlipkart vouchers worth Rs. 2000 and 1000, respectively. This contest is open to all Indian citizens above the age of 18.

This football season, why limit yourself to just watching the games on TV. Grab a bit of the action by participating in the adda52FIFAFevercontest and experiencing a little ‘win’ yourself. If you are not the ones who like social media contest, then Adda52 also has a FIFA Poker promotion running for you.

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