APT Asian Series Cambodia: Lindstrom in pole position

aptcambodia2014Michael Lindstrom stormed into the the Asian Poker Tour(APT) Asian Series Cambodia Main Event lead as the final eight were decided. He amassed a big chip stack of 699,000 chips and sits in pole position leading a pack of players including Feng Zhao and Richard Mari.

Even as Lindstrom consolidated his Day 1B lead into a huge advantage at the final table, there was another player who was busy accumulating 2014 APT Player of the Year(POY) points. Samad Razavi won the side event of No Limit Hold’em 2 to make it two APT Titles at Cambodia 2014. Hr has earlier during the weekend won the Head Hunter Event.

In the Main Event, the final table is due to start today and will play down to a champion who will get the top prize money of USD 27,200. Lindstrom has a huge chip advantage over all the other players with close to 7 lakh chips. The chip average is 280,000 chips and besides Lindstrom only Jeff Zhao and Jeff Tims are above chip average. Lindstrom also has fellow countryman from Denmark Lars Borno for company.  The image on the right shows how the players stack up currently.