Poker buzz from the WSOP: Fashion on the felt

George Danzer with his thick mohawk
George Danzer with his thick mohawk

Poker being one of those games with no dress codes has seen its fair share of fashion jokers and witnesses all dressing styles on the tables. With no rules set for what’s right or wrong on the poker tables, players have been known to innovate and invent their own dressing styles. While some of them become trend setters, most fizzle out as fashion faux pas. And surprisingly it is the men that seem to be ruling the fashion go-getters in poker with female poker players┬ánot experimenting too much. The trend continues at the 2014 WSOP as some fashion bloopers and trend setters were seen. We bring you a prized collection of some of the eye-catching fashion moments from the WSOP.

Aliosha Staes with his headgear supporting Belgium

Hairdo– If your coiffure is correct, the whole look comes out shining. George Danzer seriously believes in this as he cooling his heels off with 2 WSOP Bracelets and a cooler looking new hair cut this summers. He is known to experiment with his hair style quite often. This time he goes with a clean shaven face and a thicker mohawk style hairline.

Aliosha Staes decided to up the ante and use a headgear to show off his love for his motherland. He wore a headgear with the Belgian colors and certainly got some attention.

Phil Laak in his eye gear
Phil Laak in his eye gear




EyeGlasses: Now eye glasses or sun glasses are a small word for what Phil Laak shows off on the tables. Perhaps he thought his eyes gave off too much while playing thus chooses to wear the biggest eye piece available in the market. More suited for sky diving than poker player but nevertheless got him noticed.



Tom Schneider

Clothing: Tom Schneider is known for his colorful dressing style both on and off the poker felt. He is always cornered on the tables for his cool jackets and he carries that look to the 2014 WSOP as well. Seen here is Schneider in a jacket with psychedelic colorful prints.

Curt Kohlberg

Schneider isn’t alone in trying to capture the lens attention when it comes to clothing. He has competition from Curt Kohlberg and his colorful sweater. Biting mouths might be the flavour of the season thus the choice from Curt.





2014wsopfashion4Also giving stiff competition is none other than 2013 WSOP Player of the Year Daniel Negreanu. He outshines everyone in his purple shiny jacket and is clicked multiple times by players and lensmen alike. His jacket almost trended on twitter also when Jason Mercier who sat on the table next to him clicked an image and tweeted it. Twitterati went amuck sharing his purple jacket picture. He seems to be in the news for a lot of fashion statements this summers with his brown loafers also creating a buzz at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino. His


2014wsopfashion7Tattoo: Getting inked is the latest fashion buzz and poker players love to get their winning cards set on their skin. A poker fan got into the act this year when she got her tattoo proclaiming her love for ‘Kid Poker‘ inked(read signed) by the man himself. This female fan of Negreanu’s got an autograph from the poker pro and etched her name as the biggest fan.

As the WSOP continues so does the players right to express themselves. It is a highly debatable topic as to how far can the ‘dress as you are’ system in poker can continue. Players are definitely going to all extremes to get attention and it is just a matter of time that casinos start limiting this liberty to dress and express.