Sean Yu Wins WPT500 Aria, $260,000

Champion Sean Yu  Sean Yu won the inaugural partypoker WPT500 at the Aria Resorts and Casino, Las Vegas taking the $260,000 prize money and the WPT Trophy defeating Kareem Marshall. Scott Clements who was leading in parts on Day 2 finished in third place. The final table of 9 had substantial competition including Christian Harder and Jeffrey Ray but in the end it was Yu who took down the big prize.

In heads up action, Yu had been chipping up for a long time but the final hand was quite a lucky one for him. Sean Yu had raised to 1,750,000, Kareem Marshall reraised to 6,000,000, and Yu called. The flop was 10♣8♠7♣, and Marshall quickly went all in. Yu snap-called with 107 for two pair, tens and sevens, and Marshall turned over AK for ace high. The lame hand of ten and seven had formed two pair for Yu and the turn was the J♣, giving Marshall a gutshot straight draw, but the river with the A have Yu, the pot and the tournament.

The final results of the WPT500 are:

1st:  Sean Yu  –  $260,000

2nd:  Kareem Marshall  –  $180,000

3rd:  Scott Clements  –  $120,500

4th:  Christian Harder  –  $90,000

5th:  Jeffrey Ray  –  $70,000

6th:  Luis Nargentino  –  $55,000

7th:  Brian Benhamou  –  $45,000

8th:  Terry Fleischer  –  $35,000

9th:  Messadek Soufiane  –  $26,000