Macau Poker Cup: A good outing for Team India

mpc2121After 17 days of gaming excellence, Macau signed off in style from one of the biggest poker tournaments in Asia. The 21st edition of the Macau Poker Cup held at PokerStars LIVE emerged to be the most successful summer MPC ever. The Vegas of East, as popularly called welcomed a total of 3,308 players from around the world. A grand sum of HK$19,830,048 was awarded to the winners across 16 different tournaments.

Continuing the trend, Red Dragon Main Event remained the highlight of this tournament. 808 players tried their luck in this event out of which 108 players shared the total prize money of HK$7,837,600. Zhenru Xie from China clinched the beautiful Red Dragon title by defeating an Aussie, Mathew Ryan. Xie won a total prize amount of HK$1,667,000, along with a Slyde ‘Titanium’ design watch.

In Side Events, Yuhito Hayashi from Japan took home the Baby Dragon Title in the first weekend of the tournament winningHK $224,300. The top 31 players cashed combined prize money of $1,492,830. This made it the biggest opening weekend at the summer series of Macau Poker Cup. Another big win in side events was registered by Henrik Tollefsen of Norway in High Roller Event who took home HK$1,465,000. Rono Shing Fung Lo of Macau held on the 2nd place with a winning amount of HK$931,000.

India at Macau Poker Cup

A strong lot of poker players from India attended MPC 21 which included several big names like Mayurh Aggarwal, Shashank Rathi, Deepak Maghwani, and Akash Malik. Aditya Agarwal skipped out of this tournament in order to attend the European Poker Tour in Barcelona later in the month.

Shashank Rathi was the biggest winners among Indian poker players in terms of prize money as he finished in 5th place in the High Roller event with HK$355,000.  Mayurh Aggarwal claimed the 3rd spot in $2000 Deepstack No Limit Hold’ em with HK$61,000.

Deepak Manghwani finished at 18th spot with HK$3,300 in $2500 KO Bounty. Out of 294 players in the $3,000 NLH Turbo event, Abhishek Kumar settled with 24th position on the board with HK$5,800. The duo of Amit Ajwani and Akash Malik reached to the 5th rank in Team Event and won combined prize money of HK$20,400.

The below chart depicts performance of top Indian poker players at Macau Poker Cup:

Name Event Rank Prize Money
Shashank Rathi High Roller 5 HK$355,000
Kunaal Chandra High Roller 9 HK $
Kunaal Chandra Red Dragon Event 10 HK $100,000
Rajeev kanjaji Red Dragon Event 91 HK $ 16,000
Mayurh Aggarwal $2,000 Deepstack NLH 3 HK$61,000
Deepak Manghwani $2,500 KO Bounty 18 HK$3,300
Abhishek Kumar $3,000 NLH Turbo 24 HK$5,800
Amit Varma $1,500 NLH Turbo 25 HK$2,400
Kavin Shah $4,000 NLH 6-Max 5 HK$28,100
Kavish Kukreja $1,500 NLH Turbo 26 HK$2,400
Amit Ajwani & Aksh Amlik Team Event 5 HK$20,400


2014 summer tournament at Macau turned out to be yet another growth step for Indian Poker Community at the international events. A new generation of poker players has emerged out in recent years across different Indian cities which hold a big appetite of win at upcoming world events.








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