WPT Legends of Poker: Mike Eskandari in lead at Final Table

The final table lead by wptlopMike Eskandari is set for the year’s ultimate battle at the WPT Legends of Poker at the Bicycle Casino. As he heads to the final table with 5,975,000 chips and as the local favorite , Eskandari is still in the hunt of his first WPT title.

After a grueling Day 4 play, the mightiest six have funneled out from the total 16 who started the day’s play. Jeremy Kottler will be starting with a shorter stack when final table play begins, but among all six players, he only has the experience of playing at this grand event. This certainly will be an added advantage to him and will sharpen his tactics in final rounds.

Eskandari will join the final table as chip leader with 5,975,000 chips piled up on his side. The comeback kid (CBK), as his friends call him really recovered from being down to 190,000 chips at a point of time.  Final table at WPT Legends of Poker will see three youngsters as in Tyler Cornell (2,525,000), Tyler Kenney (2,555,000) and Taylor McFarland (2,250,000). McFarland an American has gained popularity recently in online tournaments. Harut Arutyunyan (3,030,000) will be joining the final table as the sixth contestant.

Earlier on Day 4, Andy Frankenberger and Keven Stammen, both former champions had a good start and were looking to finish up in the final 6. Frankenberger who had a chance to win the title for second time fell short on 10th spot. Stammen was in search of back- to-back titles this season, but unfortunately he could only make it to the 8th position.

The worldwide poker community will have an eye on the final table actions when it kicks off on Day 5.

Here is how the final table of the WPT Legends of Poker looks like:

Seat Player Chips
1 Harut Arutyunyan  3,670,000  (73 bb)
2 Taylor McFarland  2,250,000  (45 bb)
3 Jeremy Kottler 1,975,000  (40 bb)
4 Tyler Kenney 2,555,000  (51 bb)
5 Massoud Eskandari 5,975,000  (120 bb)
6 Tyler Cornell  2,525,000  (51 bb)