Challenge accepted! Rafael Nadal to take on Ronaldo in poker heads-up event

Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal
Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal

The 14 time Grand Slam champion, Rafael Nadal is going to clash with the Brazilian football icon, Ronaldo in a live heads-up poker match on 6th November this year in an exclusive event called “The Duel”. The special poker event featuring the two greatest sportsperson is hosted by PokerStars and will be broadcasted live from London.

This is not the first time the duo sits against each other in a poker match. They have clashed at the poker table in December 2013 in the European Poker Tour Prague Charity Challenge, which raised €100,000 for charity. Back then poker pro Daniel Negreanu and Olympic gold medalist hockey player Fatima Moreira de Melo were also part of a special six-handed tournament wherein Nadal won against a pool of five opponents including Ronaldo raising €100,000 for a noble cause.

Last week, Ronaldo had thrown down the gauntlet in poker duel against Nadal, followed by which the tennis pro and his fellow PokerStars ambassador accepted the challenge without any delay. “I challenged Rafa to a rematch after finding out he was preparing for another live poker game, the last time we played together Rafa won the match and it was a lot of fun. This time it will be different, though, because I have been improving on my own poker strategy and will be more prepared,” Ronaldo said.

“It was my first live poker tournament when I last played against Ronaldo and one year later I’m more confident with my skill level. I really enjoy playing poker and the challenge of learning as quickly as possible, so I can’t wait to get back into training on my game and to play against Ronaldo,” countered Nadal accepting the challenge in a press release.

Nadal has been away for the chips and cards for a while but is all set to hone his poker in preparation for “The Dual”. He will take on all-comers in “Rafa vs. The World – Round 2” commencing on 22nd September wherein Nadal will play for one hour, and for every hand he wins, he’ll get a point. Vice Versa for every hand he loses, “The World” will get a point. PokerStars will make a donation in charity if Nadal outplays and wins more hands.

The world poker community as well as football and tennis lovers are waiting for the most anticipated celebrity poker clash of the year.