Indians Going All In- Moving to Poker this festive season


Once upon a time in Delhi there were teen patti parties around the Diwali season, now the Texas hold’em revolution has taken over everyone and we now have poker parties in the festive season. The Poker craze in India has swept the capital off its crawling feet too with everyone going for this ‘game of skill’ and leaving the 3 card teen patti card game variant behind.

With the onset of the festive season in India, people gamble in the holy months as per the traditional beliefs to bring in good luck for the rest of the year. Although Teen-Patti and Rummy had been played over the generations on such occasions, gambling is switching to a smarter and more skilful genre in form of poker in recent years. This easy-to-learn card game has gained popularity, especially among youngsters because of its simple yet interesting structure of gameplay. Adding to the fun is the online poker sites in India like which host a variety of cash games and tournaments with huge bounties.

People used to try out their fortune in Teen-Patti which is purely a game of luck and end up in misery due to high risk factor and eventual losses. Poker has royally rivered such games in card parties due to its disciplined and skillful format of betting and high winning returns for deliberate risks. With the young India turning more radical with technology and internet, people have learnt the way to make money in card games with a logical approach to bet. Smartphones and mobile optimized poker platforms have enabled them to take the game to remotest corner of India.

“Poker is a game of skill, although it involves a minor percentage of luck too”, says Deepak Shetty, 28, a Bangalore based businessman who plays online poker. “My father used to play Teen-Patti or Rummy on Diwali with his friends following the tradition just for fun. I learnt it from him but steadily moved on to poker for a more skilled way to wager”, adds Deepak.

Numerous other businessmen like Deepak as well as working professionals and even university students across the country play online poker with a proper understanding of betting and gameplay.  Poker in Delhi also sees a huge upswing especially around the holiday season with poker parties ruling the roost. And poker isn’t just restricted to recreational party play. Delhi has given its fair share of serious poker players in the form of Muskan Sethi and Raahil Bhatia to the Indian poker community. It’s a fact that ever since it started, poker has promoted responsible gaming in India throughout the years.

Poker in India has found its way through several channels which include casinos in Goa and Sikkim, poker rooms in Bangalore and online poker sites. Numerous tournaments run over the festive season starting from Navratri till the New Year bash, with prizes in cash as well as goodies like mobile phones, i-Pads etc. With low entry fee or even Freeroll satellites, the organizing companies alleviate the festive mood of Indian poker enthusiasts adding an extra zing to the celebrations.

So if you haven’t caught on to the poker craze that is driving India now then it’s time to test your skills on the green felt too. Try out this five-card game and you will never ever look to playing any luck-based card games anymore.