Texas Hold’em- the 19th Most Popular page on Facebook!

In a recently published list of the most popular Facebook pages, Texas Hold’em (https://www.facebook.com/TexasHoldEm) ranked 19th. This speaks for itself why the world is at poker tables across casinos and online sites.  Texas Hold’em page had 70,598,974 fans when the list was being drafted. It enjoys the honour of being the only real game in this list which is led by Facebook for Every Phone (https://www.facebook.com/f4ep). the complete list can be found here. 

texasholdemHey, shall we play poker? In more than 95% of such questions across the globe, the person is asking you to play Texas Hold’em. Most of the beginners do not even know any other form of poker. The best part of this poker variant is its easy mechanism to understand. Other like Pot Limit Omaha and Stud are a bit more complicated. One of the reasons for this is the fact that each player gets only 2 cards that are different from the other players and rest of the five are dealt in common for all. This makes the game faster and more of a brain game raising the excitement level. Betting is quite simple in Texas Hold’em which involves four sequential rounds.

If Texas Hold’em is your game, then it gets ridiculously easy to find people who are willing to join the table and fairly simple to find some experienced players too. After all, it is much more fun to play better players and set a fight to win than to play a table of fish who just hand you the money.

TV industry noticed the popularity of this game in early 2000’s which resulted into live broadcasting. A large number of shows popped up on sports channels which showcased the live coverage of this game from some of world’s finest casinos. This made the people who would normally not have been interested in poker start to learn the game and take an interest in it. The development of online poker sites attributed a lot to the growth in its followers and players around the world.  2003 World Series of Poker set a milestone for Poker and Texas Hold’em as Chris Moneymaker won championship by an online qualifier.

Texas Hold’em is played at large in India at several casinos and poker rooms. It has catered to the youth’s appetite of playing poker in India. Luxurious casinos in Goa and Sikkim have dedicated tables for the poker players. Rise of authentic online sites like adda52.com has also added to the flavor of this game. All major tournaments in Indian and the world are played in Texas Hold’em format only with a variation in buy-in options.

If you have not yet played poker in India , have a look around you. You will definitely find people to play with. It’s really simple and very competitive. After all 7 crore people can’t go wrong.