WCOOP 2014: Team India cashes $117,831; CrownUpGuy is Crowned Main Event Champ

wcoop2014CrownUpGuy going by his username was crowned as the champion of world’s most celebrated online poker event WCOOP. He defeated a field of 2142 poker players and bagged a huge prize of $1.3 million in cash along with the coveted World Championship of Online Poker(WCOOP) Main Event bracelet. Yuri “theNERDguy” Martins of Brazil finished in the 2nd spot in the Final Table battle with $708,251 of hard cash.

The 3-week long online poker tournament sported a mix of NL Hold’em and Omaha poker with variety of buy-in and re-entry options spread over 66 events to draw thousands of players from around the world. Canada, from where a record 14,307 players participated in WCOOP 2014 also held the pole position in the list of Money Won by Country with a massive $9,079,823 in cash followed by United Kingdom in the 2nd position with just $7,044,027. However, the Russians ruled the tournament with the maximum 9 Bracelets.

Talking about the players, the winner of Main Event CrownUpGuy of Austria finished with maximum prize money followed closely by The-Toilet 0 who grabbed $949,516 in the tournament. Others down the table of Money Won by Player includes Crazy Elior in 3rd spot with $844,881, 19Dan86 in 4th spot with $769,813, the runner-up of Main Event theNERDguy in 4th spot with $710,517 and the list goes on to a total prize pool of  $61,934,886.

Team India had a remarkable outing this year with 15 cash wins. Indian Poker player Rahil Bhatia (rbhatia3) clinched the biggest win finishing in 2nd position for $29,386 in the 12th event, $215 NL Hold’em [Heads Up]. With $34,920 of total prize money won across 3 events, another Indian poker master benjimurry surfaced up as the top earner from India. He gave his best shot in the 37th event, $215+R NL Hold’em where he shooted up to the 6th position bagging $28,883. However, the Main Event imposed disappointment over the Indian side as nobody could make his mark in the biggest battle of the tournament.

A list of Indian poker players who finished in cash in different events of WCOOP 2014:


Player Event Position Prize
rewind2007 WCOOP-08 $215 NL Omaha Hi/Lo [6-Max] 41 $752
aniceboy WCOOP-11 $320 NL Hold’em [Ante up] 39 $1,064
rbhatia3 WCOOP-12 $215 NL Hold’em [Heads Up] 2 $29,386
antilog WCOOP-18 $320 NL Hold’em [Turbo, Zoom] 39 $1,603
antilog WCOOP-30 [Super Tuesday] $1050 NL Hold’em 30 $5,626
kavishk WCOOP-30 [Super Tuesday] $1050 NL Hold’em 39 $4,729
donkab0mber WCOOP-33 $320 8-Game 40 $868
benjimurry WCOOP-37 $215+R NL Hold’em 06 $28,883
donkab0mber WCOOP-42 $320 Horse 34 $833
bblacklegend WCOOP-45 $2100 NL Hold’em 27 $11,656
donkab0mber WCOOP-47 $320 NL Hold’em [Re-Entry] 11 $5,438
kavishk WCOOP-48 $215 NL Hold’em [Turbo, Knockout] 07 $14,491
aniceboy WCOOP-55 $320 NL Hold’em [6-Max] 08 $6,465
benjimurry WCOOP-55 $320 NLHE(6-Max) 25 $1,980
benjimurry WCOOP-56 $530 +R NLHE 30 $4,057

Disclaimer: Data has been gathered manually after hours of research and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. It has been done keeping Indian poker players finishing in the top 50 of each events.  Human error is regretted.