Daniel Colman attacked Phil Hellmuth ‘The Poker Brat’ with filthy comments on Two Plus Two

War of words between Dan Colman & Phil Hellmuth

In a fresh burst of critical comments, Daniel Colman known for his controversial stand in poker industry has targeted the 13-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth. Hellmuth featured on the Rounders famed Brian Koppelman’s “The Moment” podcast which triggered a thread on Two Plus Two. Colman who has somehow curbed his controversial poker boy image by winning four major title in 2014 attacked the “Poker Brat” with an array of comments in that thread under his username “mrgr33n13”.

Here are some of the excerpts:

“Its embarrassing that we have to share our profession with whores like this guy. After I win one drop, he immediately comes on stage to shake my hand in front of a camera and congratulate me. As if he’s the gatekeeper to the poker world and welcoming me inside.”

“It is truly pathetic that a 40 year old would behave the way he does at the table, not to mention how spineless he is, just willing to take any sponsorship regardless of the company’s integrity. Hey, anything for a payday! Really makes me sad to think there’s a chance some people may look up to this charlatan. People of his attitude and character are a cancer to this world.”

It may seem surprising to come across words like “embarrassing”, “pathetic”, “spineless” and “charlatan” from a person who himself avoids media exposure. It is noteworthy here that after winning World Series of Poker $1 million buy-in Big One for One Drop for over $15 million Colman refused to do the winner’s interview. Later he came out justifying his stand on Two Plus Two by posting: “I really don’t owe anyone an explanation” and “I don’t owe poker a single thing” while highlighting what he believes are the negative effects of the game”.But this is not for the first time when Colman has tried to defame a poker player; few months back he had called Tom Dwan a scammer.

Phil Hellmuth, one of the most popular poker players of modern times, showed generosity while replying to the above comments in his tweet: “Ouch, I was just attacked big time on a terrific poker forum: TwoPlusTwo. It was personal and it hurts, but I am proud of the man. I am!”

Known for his temperamental “poker brat” personality, Hellmuth was polite and diplomatic, and would have definitely been an inspiration at any point of time for Daniel Colman as well.

Going ahead, Colman joined the thread back and even backed off his “cancer” comments. He posted “Maybe a bit too harsh, not exactly a cancer to society but it definitely doesn’t do us any good when people like him shamelessly self-promote and try and sell themselves to you. Listened to 5 minutes of that podcast and it got me upset listening to him prop himself up, and the interviewer was definitely feeding the ball to him. It brought back the bitter taste I had in my mouth when he came up on the stage after the one drop win and actually said “congratulations, welcome to the poker world kid.” Never met him apart from that but I am sure hes an overall nice guy, just really not a fan of how he conducts himself.”

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