Find the adda52 Logo in Ind Vs Sri Lanka ODI and Win iPhone 6

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When the most played card game in India and the preferred sport of Indians team up together, the result is a complete entertainer. And that’s what Adda52, India’s largest poker site is doing when it brands up with Indian Cricket. Announcing the first time that any card game site associates with Cricket for a logo hunt that can get you the swanky, new iPhone 6. And all you have to do is spot the adda52 logo during the match telecast of the India and Sri Lanka ODI on 13th and 16th November and count the number of times it appears. All Correct answers stand a chance to win an iPhone 6.

Adda52 stays true to its reputation of being a trend setter for online gaming sites by associating itself with Indian cricket. Taking the fun for players a notch further, the logo hunt will ensure that your passion for cricket and your love for poker stay connected. The graphically appealing yet simple and easy to recognise logo of adda52 will be visible on the digital boundary wall just behind the boundary rope in the cricket stadium. When you watch the match this logo will showcase multiple times on this digital boundary wall and you have to keep counting the times the logo appears to you during the televised match.

Here is how you can spot the logo and Win iPhone 6

Step 1: Spot logo

Turn on your television to watch India vs Sri Lanka ODI on Star Sports from 1:30 PM onwards on 13th November or 16th November. Keep your eyes open and spot logo.

Step 2: Count logo

Count the number of times you see’s logo on your TV screen from the moment the first ball is bowled till the time the match is over. (Check T&C)

Step 3: Send us your answer

Once the match is over and you have counted the number of times you have seen the logo, submit your entry along with your username to

Step 4: Participate in the tourney

All the entries (closest to the correct number) will get a free ticket to participate in a special tourney and the winner of that tournament will win an iPhone 6.

The pioneers of online poker in India ensure that you are in sync with all sports at the same time. So do the maths where it matters the most on match days and grab this once in a lifetime chance of winning an iPhone 6.