Make your poker table conservations more interesting with poker slangs

Poker is not always about money and big wins. Poker is fun Slang used in poker to play which makes it the most convivial game played in social parties. Poker players love to talk while playing at the table. Be it the recently realised movie or any sports match the conversation goes on till the game ends. The day-to-day spoken words blended with the poker terminologies have helped evolve numerous poker slangs in as an inseparable part of communication on the poker table.

Many poker slangs with their peculiar meanings are only used in particular parts or countries of the world. However, a few slangs were picked up by the poker players globally which has even made them a replacement of basic terminology in modern poker conversations. Some of them imply an action or denotes a player on the table in specific scenarios while others may mean poker hands or even the cards. We list a bunch of the most used poker slangs these days. You may pick up few for the next game you play.

  1. Ship it: This is the most used slang in poker world which means – “send the money in the pot my way”. The player who wins a big pot expresses his happiness with this phrase. However, the player who lost the hand against him usually interprets it rude.
  2. Belly buster:  An inside straight draw, also called a Gutshot draw is a hand with four of the five cards needed for a straight, but missing one in the middle.
  3. Devil’s hand: Devil’s hand is the poker slang for Three-of-a-kind hand of Sixes.
  4. Chip and a Chair: “It’s not over until it’s over” – when you mean to say so in poker. It signifies that you can make a comeback in poker win one chip and even win the tournament.
  5. The worst day of the year: It is the famous expression when a poker player busts out of the World Series of Poker (WSOP)
  6. Rags: Rags is the poker slang, used to indicate a fairly weak hand.
  7. Dry board: When a non-coordinated flop is dealt on the poker table which is also safer for you as it doesn’t forms any straight or flush.
  8. Hit by the deck: When someone is said to be hit by the deck, it means he/she is having an unusually good run on the table in a short span of time.
  9. All pink: A flush of Hearts or Diamonds is popularly called All pink.
  10. Assault rifle: In Omaha poker, the hole card A,K,4,7 is often called an assault rifle.