WPT Montreal- Jonathan Jaffe is Champion

15887834322_40e93e5c8fThe American pro and recent Foxwoods World Poker Finals winner – Jonathan Jaffe bags the title of World Poker Tour(WPT) Montreal champion. In this WPT outing, Jonathan Jaffe performed as a longstanding chip leader during the final three days of this tournament in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Though he previously stood second at the WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals back in Season VII, but this time he finished at spot one to claim a standing in the WPT Champions Club. According to the Hendon Mob poker database, Jaffe now holds $ 2,019,431 in career earnings. This year partypoker.net WPT Montreal welcomed 732 entrants in the (CAD) US$ 3,850 Main Event and during this week of poker at the Playground Poker Club , the field was whittled down to just 18 players.

The final table had 6 runners: Jonathan Jaffe, Samuel Chartier, Kevin MacPhee, Guillaume Nolet, Ratharam Sivagnanam and Mukul Pahuja. As the game start off, it had the first all-in pot just nine hands into play. Mukul Pahuja doubled up on that hand through Guillaume Nolet, which left Nolet incapacitated. Nolet was all in on the next hand with 94 and was far behind the AA of Jaffe on a board reading QJJ3Q. Nolet was out in sixth place, and took home CAD $90,350. Mukul Pahuja who joined the final table with the lesse number of chip counts of 1,900,000 (31 bb) finished at third position with CAD $201,920.

Local pro Samuel Chartier was the next player all in. He shoved for 2,475,000 with 77 in the hole under the gun. Ratharam Sivagnanam had him covered on the button with QQ, and the board ran out A8399. Chartier was eliminated in fifth place, good for CAD $111,820. There was a heads-up final between Jaffe and Sivagnanam. Jaffe held a solid lead at the opening of the final match with 16 million, and Sivagnanam had a huge gap to cruise with just 5,935,000.
The heads-up match was really a backbreaking one as the game was lengthy due to multiple and progressive lead changes between Jaffe and Sivagnanam. Also, there was not a single all-in pot between the final two players until the one that ended the tournament. However, Ratharam Sivagnanam stood at second position, good for CAD $313,318. Jaffe won the tournament, earning CAD $463,432, a WPT Champions Trophy, a Playground Poker Club Champions Belt, a pair of gold Monster 24K Headphones, and a Hublot watch. Jaffe will also get his name engraved on the one-and-only WPT Champions Cup, alongside all the previous WPT champions from all 13 seasons.